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Letter from the CEO

Letter from the CEO

Letter from the CEO

Dear Parent/Loved One,

It is the mission of Quail Run Behavioral Health to provide a supportive, compassionate, and innovative environment of patient-centered care.  To accomplish this mission Quail Run employs more than 200 compassionate caregivers such as Psychiatrists, Therapists, Nurses, and Behavioral Health Technicians.  These professionals work together in multidisciplinary treatment teams to develop and implement plans that support the recovery, and resiliency, of the individual being served.

While your loved one is in our care they will participate in a structured program of therapeutic groups and activities aimed at addressing their individual needs.  They will meet daily with their treating psychiatrist and will participate in group therapy and psychoeducation with topics such as Wellness, Resilience, Nursing and Process groups.

It is important for the individuals we serve to stay connected to their support systems outside of the hospital.  To that end, individuals have opportunities to make phone calls to family members and other natural supports.  Additionally, there are regularly scheduled opportunities for visitation at the hospital. It is also important for parents/ legal guardians to have access to information throughout their child’s /loved one’s treatment process.  Every person in our care has an assigned nurse on every shift.  Additionally, each person also has an assigned Clinician/Social Worker.  Administratively, each program (Adolescent, Adult, Geriatric) is led by a Nurse Manager. These individuals are committed to supporting individuals and their families throughout the treatment process. The contact numbers for these caring professionals are:

Adolescent Program

Lead Therapist – (602)455-5890
Nurse Manager – (602)455-5773

Adult Program

Lead Therapist – (602)455-5683
Nurse Manager – (602)455-5739

Geriatric Program

Lead Therapist – (602)455-5830
Nurse Manager – (602)455-5728

The entire team at Quail Run is committed to providing your loved one compassionate, high-quality care that moves them from crisis to recovery.  We welcome your involvement in your loved one’s care and your feedback on your experience with our hospital.

Warm regards,

Chris Ruble, CEO

[email protected]